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The custom of smoking corpses: A fascinating yet macabre aspect of ancient human cultural history.

The idea of smoked corpses is certainly a macabre one, and it’s not surprising that the thought of it could cause the hairs on the back of your neck to stand

The Hangar 18 And The Bizarre Alien Connection With The Mormons

Hangar 18 is a movie that constantly provokes discussion and speculation among ufologists, especially because it was published in the 1980s, the years where details related to the Roswell incident started to become popular. At the same, it was also during that time that the term Majestic 12 was coined by the ufologist community. The […]

Extraterrestrial Mummy had been Found In Egypt shock everyone

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An ancient Alien Mummy Medieval Knight Found On Mars Was leaked from NASA

Latest UFO Sightings, Daily UFO News, Alien UFO Disclosure, Ancient Mysteries, Moon and Mars Anomalies, Paranormal, Spirituality and more..

Mars Life: UFO Hunter Discovers a “Statue” on Mars and claims it is “100% Alien-Proof”

Conspiracy theorist and self-styled UFO expert Scott C Waring claims to have found undeniable proof…

The Greatest UFO Mysteries. The key to opeп the alieп ship

The US goverпmeпt receпtly made available to the pυblic secret files from the 1947 – 1969 Blυe Book iпvestigatioп. All the cases left υпexplaiпed iп the Blυe Book project iпclυde 700, which represeпts 5.5% of all mysteries. Does it meaп they’re hυпtiпg the flyiпg saυcers?

A giant UFO seen by 400 students and teachers in New Zealand

A 1970 event that occurred at Richmond School in Napier, New Zealand. Among the witnesses of the giant UFO were the principal, teachers and 400 students. This event was mentioned in the Napier Daily Telegraph on May 8. Just one day after the sighting of the giant UFO. The headline of the newspaper was: “Mysterious object in the sky is […]

Were Giant Skeletons Hidden In 1900? The Hidden Skeleton Giants Of History

In 1965,  Father Carlos Vaca  discovered something unusual and incredible, an archaeological site full of skeletons of  giants,  belonging to beings very similar to humans. The hidden SKELETON GIANTS of history These giant bones are said to have remained hidden from public scrutiny and can only be seen at private displays for select groups. Cemetery of the Gods: the […]

330-Foot-Tall Skyscraper Monolith Or Tower Found Near Area 51 Using Satellite Images

A group of ufologists made a marvelous discovery when analyzing some of the photographs in Area 51, situated in Nevada. Area 51, according to conspirators, is the location where US armed forces execute extraterrestrial technology tests. It’s a triangular monolith or tower with a rather modern theme. The tower lies on a circular foundation and […]

A Race of Giant Beings Called “The Moon-Eyed Giants” Once Ruled America

Legend has it that the Giants met the Cherokees when they arrived in Ohio. These Giants were nicknamed The Moon-Eyed Men by Cherokees, as they could only see at night. Legends claim that the bones of white giants have been found in Choctaw territory and Chickasaw territory. Legend has it that the Choctaw fought alongside […]