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Uncovering the Truth Behind a Mysterious Object: Google Maps UFO Debate Goes Viral (Video)

James Felton

Mysterious orb spotted in Brazil just days after alleged UFO crash cover-up (Video)

A MYSTERIOUS bright orb hovering above a village in Rio de Janeiro just days after an alleged alien UFO crash in the same area has sparked a…

Mysterious Object Spotted in Major City Leaves Witnesses Baffled (Video)

HIGH-definition video shows a mysterious cube-shaped UFO appearing to hover over a major city. A commercial jet is seen flying close by the silvery craft, which was reportedly filmed near an airpor…

A shocking “fleet of 38 UFOs” flew by the Moon Capture from outer space (Video)

A shocking video linked to outer space has made quite an impact among netizens these days. It is a fleet composed of 38 UFOs, a situation that was captured by

During the Apollo 15 mission, a strange UFO was captured on camera on the moon (Video)

Apollo 15 astronaut Jim Irwin is said to have captured footage of a disk-like object at the rim of a crater on the moon. The images were acquired by the Apollo 15 mission and show what seems to be a UFO parked on the moon’s surface. Of course, not everyone agrees with NASA’s strategy of […]

This crashed fireball UFO being investigated by secret agents (Video)

UFO viral stunt is an epic fail, and the eagle eyed will be able to spot why A crashed UFO is being investigated by secret agents after it came down close to a road – at least that’s what we are led to believe. In the convincing footage the green lights from the UFO can […]

Two witnesses were able to record a mysterious encounter with a pyramid-shaped UAP over Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine (Video)

Glowing pyramid-shaped UAP captured on video over Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine, sparking debate and speculation about its origin and nature.

A gigantic stone sphere in the shape of a UFO was discovered by Researchers in Costa Rica (Video)

Researchers in Costa Rica unearth a nearly ‘Perfect’ massive stone sphere “We have studied the…

This is the clearest video of a UFO taking off that I’ve ever seen. The camera captured the plane’s takeoff (Video)

A recently uploaded video on YouTube claims to show a UFO sighting in a forest…

Unusual Sighting: Massive UFO-Shaped Cloud Spotted in California Desert Draws Attention (Video)

“It was hanging over us.”