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Christmas tree nebula in the constellation Unicorn

On the occasion of Christmas, astronomer Jean Dean shared a beautiful photo of the nebula NGC 2264 2,600 light-years from Earth.

Tinh vân hình cây thông Noel trong chòm sao Kỳ Lân

Dr Jean Dean, 61, took the image with a specialized telescope one December night in the backyard of his home on Guernsey Island. The giant cone-shaped clouds of gas and dust are lit by thousands of twinkling stars, creating a meaningful image in the Christmas season.

“To take this beautiful photo, I sat in the garden for 5 hours straight. It was very cold!”, Dean said. “NGC 2264 is a very lovely nebula! Just like the meaning of Christmas, the anniversary of the birth of Jesus, the red dust clouds you see are where new stars are born.”

File:Cone Nebula (NGC 2264) Star-Forming Pillar of Gas and Dust.jpg - Wikipedia

NGC 2264 is also known as the Christmas Tree Cluster and the Cone Nebula. It is located in the constellation Unicorn about 2,600 light-years from Earth. This emission nebula cannot be seen with the naked eye due to the lack of massive stars.

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