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Endo the Blind, a horse born without sight, broke three records in his career

In addition to their sparkling looks, appaloosa horses are well-known for their kindheartedness, friendliness, and unwavering devotion to their owners.

But a gelding from Corvallis, Oregon, United States of America, is making an impact on the globe in more ways than simply with his pleasant disposition and gorgeous brown speckles.


On October 29, 2022, the 22-year-old Appaloosa known as “Endo the Blind” acquired three astonishing record titles with his owner, Morgan Wagner. These record titles were as follows:

Morgan’s grandma made a promise to her when she was 13 years old that she would be able to have the one thing that almost every young girl fantasizes about having: her very own horse.

One very interesting foal in the herd drew her attention. It was Endo who rode the horse.

“When my family and I relocated from California to Oregon, we stopped by my grandma’s farm for a visit,” said Morgan. “That’s when I first encountered Endo.”

“When my grandmother told me that I could take one of her horses, I asked for Endo specifically. He had the greatest charm out of all of the horses, and he led them all about.


In spite of the fact that he was only a few months old, there was something extremely remarkable about this affectionate and clever horse.

Morgan said that she chose Endo out of all the other kids that her grandmother had because he has such a strong personality.

He is certain that he is the best horse in the world, and he wants everyone to be aware of this fact.

Morgan and Endo are best friends and have spent their whole lives together, learning all there is to know about equestrian riding from one another.

There was no difficulty that the great relationship that they had could not overcome, from the very first dressage and riding experiences that they shared together to the point when they mastered trotted over some of the roughest patterns and obstacles.

“When we first started working together, neither he nor I knew how to put a halter on him,” said Morgan. “Neither of us had any idea.”


“He had no idea what a halter was,” she said. We were forced to educate ourselves jointly and independently.

Morgan, then eight years old, saw that Endo’s eyes often watered and that he had a habit of squinting.

Equine recurrent uveitis, commonly known as moon blindness or periodic ophthalmia, was the condition that was determined to be afflicting Morgan’s cherished horse when he was examined by a licensed veterinarian.

Morgan said that the condition of the patient continued to deteriorate over time and that he continued to have flare ups.

“With every outbreak, it caused harm to his eyes as well.”

This condition is the major cause of blindness in horses all over the globe and is one of the most prevalent ailments that affect horses’ eyes.

The recurrent inflammation of the uveal tract, also known as the middle layer of the eye, is one of the defining characteristics of this debilitating eye condition.


Moon blindness is a condition that can occur at any time and has nothing to do with the phases of the moon. In the past, it was mistakenly believed that this condition was related to the moon, but it has since been established that this is not the case. Moon blindness can instead occur on a weekly or monthly basis.

Morgan and Endo’s veterinarian collaborated to attempt to reduce Endo’s agony by eliminating dust from his surroundings, applying prescription ointment on his eyes, and even taking Endo for rides in the dark. All of these measures were taken.

Unfortunately, Endo’s agony did not go away, and when his right eye burst, Morgan made the very difficult choice to have it removed. Endo’s right eye was removed.


Within a few of months, Endo’s left eye also started to cause him issues and had to be removed as well. This necessitated that he learn how to navigate a world in which he was blinded to sight.

“I was unsure of how Endo would react to being blind. That was something that we had to give a shot and see how it went before we could make a decision.

Morgan went on to say, “I simply hoped that he would be content eating in his stall without any discomfort, so that’s where we began.”


As a result, Endo, the courageous and resolute horse that had previously taken on new difficulties with tenacity, became Endo the Blind.

At first, the prospect of losing his vision frightened him, and Morgan had to entice him out of his stall on many occasions.

According to Morgan, “He was quite nervous in the beginning, so I took him for walks around the barn and then went on to taking him for walks around the property.”

“Everything in baby steps,” as the saying goes.


Endo, though, made a speedy recovery owing to the love and care of his owner, and he rapidly returned to being the confident horse that Morgan had fallen in love with in the beginning.

Not just Morgan has been encouraging Endo from the bullpen, but the rest of the team as well.

In addition to this, his particular companion Cinnamon, with whom he shares a stall, lavishes him with a great deal of additional love and support on a regular basis.

I rescued Cinnamon, Endo’s tiny mare companion, when Endo was just beginning to lose his vision so that he would already have a connection with her when he became completely blind. Endo’s friend is called Cinnamon.

And it wasn’t long before he was using his remarkable tricks and endearing personality to win over everyone else’s affections as well!

“Each record included information that Endo already has. It was simply a matter of honing our skills and becoming better,” stated Morgan.

“He learned to jump again after he became blind because he participated in a discipline that needed upper-level riding and obstacle work, and in that discipline, he became the national champion at the highest level.” “He competed in a discipline that required upper-level riding and obstacle work.”

Endo’s favorite trick, on the other hand, is not trotting, leaping, or weaving; rather, it is feeding.

“Endo likes to eat. “That’s just one of the ways I try to treat him,” added Morgan.

Every day, his feeder is stocked with two different varieties of grain in addition to the four various kinds of hay. His spread is always completely stocked with food.”

Morgan has high hopes that the equestrian world would be inspired by Endo’s narrative and place more emphasis on the talents of blind horses rather than focusing on their impairments.

“Some advise for individuals with blind horses who are terrified or confused about what they should do is to simply take it step by step,” she added. “Just because something is scary or confusing does not mean that it is impossible.”

“Don’t have large ambitions; simply focus on what your horse is capable of doing, thank him for it, and attempt to accomplish a little more the following time.”

In point of fact, Morgan believes that spending time with blind horses is an effective way to get valuable insight into many aspects of life.

“It forces me to make use of my other senses, such as smell and hearing, in order to understand what they’see,'” she added.

“It is one of my favorite things to do to see Endo overcome challenges on his own. Even in unfamiliar settings, he is able to locate everything and everything quickly and easily.

Not only due to the fact that he broke records, but also due to the fact that despite losing his eyes, he never lost his spirit, Morgan wants the entire world to know how proud she is of her equine companion. Not only due to the fact that he broke records, but also due to the fact that he never lost his spirit despite losing his eyes

Morgan said that he found it “incredible” that Endo held three world records simultaneously.

I would want to express my gratitude to Guinness World Records for providing us with the opportunity to demonstrate to the world that blind horses can still do any task that is asked of them.

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