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How Ronaldo changed the life of his model girlfriend?

Georgina Rodriguez once neglected her studies to make a living by selling. Her life changed because of the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Over the past week, Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez have captured the media with stories likened to “fairy” love. The Sun revealed that Ronaldo spends more than 100,000 USD per month, just for Rodriguez to spend. Then, Rodriguez showed off a jewelry set worth more than $ 800,000 on his personal page, said to be a gift from Ronaldo.

On February 5, Ronaldo received a supercar from Rodriguez on the occasion of his 35th birthday. With Rodriguez, CR7 found a model of a psychological woman who perfectly shouldered the task of building a home so that he could focus on the pitch. Meanwhile, Ronaldo changed Rodriguez’s life, from a saleswoman to the most famous WAGS in football.

Ronaldo and you fuck me 1
Rodriguez was shaken when he first met Ronaldo.

How did Ronaldo and Rodriguez meet?

At the age of 16, Rodriguez suffered his first shock when his mother Ana died suddenly. Rodriguez’s father, Jorge, suffered from severe depression, lived a quiet life for many years and was afraid to socialize with everyone. Rodriguez had to start living on his own since then. She learned English, got her first job in a Gucci store. From this fate, Rodriguez was fortunate to meet football superstar Ronaldo.

“Ronaldo makes me fascinated by his height, body and beauty. I was trembling in front of Ronaldo and suddenly a light flashed,” Rodriguez told Daily Mail .

Ronaldo admitted to dating Rodriguez since December 2016. Before that, CR7 made a lot of noise after breaking up with supermodel Irina Shayk. Ronaldo got into many rumors about love after “everyone went their separate ways” with Shayk, one of which was the question of dating a gay guy. The appearance of Rodriguez clears everything up and this is also the first time CR7 has announced his girlfriend so early.

Just a few months later, Ronaldo announced that Rodriguez was carrying his “blood drop”. Ronaldo’s mother, Maria Dolores, calls Rodriguez a future daughter-in-law because of her strange charm with CR7. She explained: “The baby in Rodriguez’s belly is my grandson. She will also be my daughter-in-law. Rodriguez is quiet, but especially affectionate.”

Ronaldo’s happy moment when picking up his daughter Martina.

Ronaldo and his brother 2

Ronaldo and his brother 2
Ronaldo’s happy moment when picking up his daughter Martina.

“For anyone, there will come a day when we look back and need stability in our lives. Ronaldo may be old enough to think about this. He needs a home before he stops his football career, “said Dolores.

In the past, CR7 had a lot of problems with love affairs, from “one-night” love affairs, two-handed fishing, even the question of “paying for cake”. For the past three years, Ronaldo has only mentioned Rodriguez, never once talked badly about his girlfriend. The Juventus striker called Rodriguez a model of a woman who is perfect in love and knows how to take care of family life.

“One father is enough,” Ronaldo once said of his children. The eldest son Ronaldo Jr was born in 2010, will forever not know the mother’s identity. Twins Evra and Mateo appeared in Ronaldo’s life by surrogacy.

The youngest daughter Alana Martina has helped Ronaldo realize what is the true happiness of the family. The moment Ronaldo and his son Ronaldo Jr took pictures with Rodriguez and Martiana in the hospital, which received millions of shares on social networks. Martina is also the only child in Ronaldo’s family whose mother’s identity is clear.

Change your life thanks to Ronaldo

Rodriguez once put aside his dream of becoming a model because of a tight budget. On the reputation of Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Rodriguez’s career suddenly flashed to receive attention from many famous fashion brands in the world. She owns an Instagram page with nearly 17 million likes, and each post helps Rodriguez earn at least $ 7,000 .

From the village of Jaca in the mountains of Spain, Rodriguez lives in a mansion worth more than $9 million in Madrid. After Ronaldo joined Juventus, the whole family moved to a villa in Turin, more than 1,000 square meters. $ 100,000 is just one of the money Ronaldo spent for Rodriguez to serve his personal needs. According to The Sun , Rodriguez received many other payments.

Rodriguez’s life changed since Ronaldo.

Ronaldo and his brother 3

Ronaldo and his brother 3
Rodriguez’s life changed since Ronaldo.

One of Rodriguez’s most important duties is taking care of four children. She must divide her time between work and family for the future of Ronaldo Jr, Evra, Mateo and Martiana. Because of this, Rodriguez only occasionally appears at big events. Her main source of income is social media posts.

Ronaldo and Rodriguez have more than 3 years together. Rodriguez appeared in every most important match in Ronaldo’s career, from the Champions League final, the World Cup or the Nation League final. Even when Ronaldo was involved in the rape scandal of Kathryn Mayorga, Rodriguez always encouraged and supported CR7 to overcome the crisis.

Whenever Ronaldo has a short vacation, the first thing he prioritizes is returning to his family, with Rodriguez and his children on vacation. In events where Rodriguez appears, Ronaldo does not miss if he is not busy playing. Typically, Rodriguez’s recent performance at the Samero festival, Ronaldo was there to see his girlfriend perform the choreography.

CR7 has considered holding a fairy wedding with Rodriguez. The Italian press predicts that the two can “get on the flower car” this summer.

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