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“It’s just art,” said the person with the record for the most body modifications

Gabriela Peralta (Argentina) and Victor Hugo Peralta (Uruguay) are two people who are extremely enthusiastic about tattoos and other forms of body modification.

The astonishing number of 84 body changes that this married couple has combined earned them the distinction of “most body modifications by a married couple” in the Guinness World Records, which was confirmed on the set of the Show del Record in Milan, Italy, on July 7, 2014.

Despite this, since since their record was verified, they have continued to pierce and tattoo themselves, bringing the total number of body modifications to somewhere about 98 at this point. For instance, since that time, both of them have had tattoos on the whites of their eyes, which has resulted in their eyeballs having a dark, inky appearance.

Rolf Buchholz, who holds the record for having the most piercings and body modifications combined, is one of the body modification record holders who has also had this procedure done.

Victor and gabriela Peralta most body modification married couple against black background

The duo has been given the nickname “cherubs from hell” due to the unconventional looks of both members.

Around twenty-four years ago, Gabriela and Victor first crossed paths in Buenos Aires, Argentina, at a motorcycling event, an encounter that would go on to alter the course of their lives.

It was instantaneous attraction between them. They knew from that point on that they would spend the rest of their lives exploring their enthusiasm for implantations and other forms of body modification, some of which, they are quick to add, can be rather painful.

The pair has celebrated 14 years of wedded bliss together as a married couple. Because of the love and commitment that they have for one another, each person in the relationship feels more self-assured and pleased with who they are at their core.

In 2009, Victor had his first body alteration, which consisted of stars tattooed on his forehead. Gabriela, who adored his updated appearance, did not delay in implementing some changes of her own.

“The star-shaped silicone implants that he has on his forehead are my favorite alteration that Victor has; nevertheless, I appreciate all of the modifications that he has on his forehead.” – Gabriela Peralta

Most body modification married couple with pink flowers latam

The pair views their many physical changes as the most significant manifestation of creative expression and freedom.

Gabriela and Victor are able to convey that they are not scared to be unique and that they are proud of the views and perspectives that they have on life as a result of their actions. “For me, being a Guinness World Records holder is a prize that life gives me for the love of body art, and I am very grateful because this record helped me achieve one of my big dreams: traveling to 20 different countries, getting to know different cultures, and making new friends all around the world.” – Victor Hugo Peralta

Gabriela has had a number of modifications, but the scarifications have been the ones that have caused her the most discomfort. She now has three scarifications, and she claims that the feeling is unlike any other alteration.

The implants she has on her wrists and forehead are among of her favorites that she has.

On the other side, the pigmentation of Victor’s tongue, which caused him to have trouble breathing for a number of hours, was the experience that Victor found to be the most excruciating. However, it turned out to be well worth it in the end since it is now one of his favorite adjustments.

Their enthusiasm for body art inspires them to add to the number of tattoos and piercings they have.

This vibrant pair feels that the key to a happy marriage is a mutual appreciation for the arts, body modification, and tattoos, but most importantly, love, devotion, and respect for one another.

“Have fun with life, and have fun with art. Tattoos do not indicate if a person is a good or terrible person; they are just a form of art. There are going to be some people who like it, and there are going to be others who do not.” – The victors

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