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“The people demanded more,” said the mayor of the Mexican municipality that broke the record for the world’s biggest guacamole ever

Guinness World Records revealed that a dish of guacamole that weighed 10,961 pounds that was cooked in the municipality of Peribán in the state of Michoacán, Mexico, set a new record for the biggest ever. This new record beat the old record by more than a ton.

Mexican town sets Guinness world record for largest batch of guacamole ever  at over 10,000 lbs | Daily Mail Online

At the first annual avocado exhibition that took place in Peribán on November 20, the town of around 25,000 inhabitants smashed a record. According to Jorge Velázquez Vallejo, a Peribán official and the event’s organizer, more than 400 individuals helped prepare ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and avocados in order to produce the traditional Mexican cuisine for residents. Among these participants were forty chefs.

Just 20 miles to the south of Peribán is a municipality known as Tanctaro, which in 2018 established the previous Guinness world record of 8,351 pounds.

Both cities are located in Michoacán, which is the state that produces and exports the most avocados in Mexico. According to the statistics provided by the United States Department of Agriculture, the United States imported avocados worth a total of $2.8 billion from Mexico in 2017. This figure represents 92% of the total avocados that were brought into the country.

According to Velázquez Vallejo, who spoke to USA TODAY about the matter, “we wanted the world to know that Peribán also produces top quality avocados.” “We want for Peribán to earn a name for itself on a global scale.”

Locals lend a hand cutting avocados for massive guacamole.

According to Velázquez Vallejo, the avocado trade has provided Peribán with a significant portion of its revenue ever since the 1930s. Since the 1960s, when locals who had worked in the United States brought Hass avocados from California to the region, Velázquez Vallejo noted that Peribán has produced some of the greatest Hass avocados in the area. Hass avocados are native to California.

During the course of the summer, the municipality and its partners began the process of arranging the event, but they ran into a number of obstacles along the road.

“At the beginning, many had doubts about whether or not this idea would be successful…

When we first started, there wasn’t a whole lot of support,” Velázquez Vallejo remarked.

Some of the local avocado farmers were suspicious, and as a result, they decided not to donate any of their crop to the massive guacamole that was being made.

According to Velázquez Vallejo, at one point Guinness advised the organizers that the guacamole ought to contain tomato even though the local recipe didn’t call for that component.

According to Velázquez Vallejo, they didn’t locate a scale that was big enough to fit the enormous pan until one day before they attempted to break the record.

In the end, approximately 40 different producers contributed approximately 55,000 avocados, and a commercial guacamole maker assisted with the recipe and proportions: 80% avocado (approximately 4.4 tons), 8% onion (approximately 882 pounds), 5% tomatoes (approximately 551 pounds), 3% lemon juice (approximately 40 gallons, which weigh approximately 333 pounds), 2.5% cilantro (220 pounds), 1% salt (110 pounds), and 1% ser (110 pounds).

The largest guacamole serving ever weighed more than 5 tons.

The ultimate product was “wonderful,” Velázquez Vallejo added.

According to him, the guacamole was first served in cups and on tostadas to the hundreds of people who participated in the event, and then it was distributed to the thousands of people who attended the event. In less than an hour, it was completely depleted.

According to Velázquez Vallejo, there was enough of each ingredient left over to make another ton of guacamole with what was available. The organizers did not manufacture it all at once since doing so would have caused the scale to reach its maximum capacity.

On the other hand, nothing was thrown away.

Velázquez Vallejo was quoted as saying, “The people demanded more.” “As a result, they began producing a greater quantity of guacamole.”

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