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When the cobra takes revenge: The horror behind human brutality (Video)

There is a great black cobra, it is the king of snakes in the forest. But one day, an evil hunter caught it and sold it to a zoo.

Nằm mơ thấy rắn đen - Giấc mơ bí ẩn hé lộ điều sắp xảy ra

In the zoo, the cobra had to live in a small cage, locked day and night and lost its power. He became desperate and no longer wanted to live.

But one day, it has a chance for revenge. Another hunter entered the zoo and released another snake into its cage. This snake is a poisonous snake and it bit it.

Những chuyện kinh dị về loài rắn khổng lồ bí ẩn ở núi Cấm

But that was the salvation of the cobra. Because when it was bitten, it was injected with a powerful poison, which restored its strength.

5 loài rắn khổng lồ nhất Ấn Độ

Then the cobra broke its cage and attacked the evil hunter. It used its full strength to attack and defeat the evil hunter.

Dân ùn ùn xem mẹ con "rắn thần" xuất hiện trên mộ vô danh - Báo Người lao động

In the end, the cobra returned to the forest and became a stronger king than before. It always remembers the atrocities that humans have inflicted on it and will never forgive those who have harmed it.

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